OCC Dentiro Foam Disinfectant 200ml

Code: OCC-CH-011008

Dentiro Foam Disinfectant

200ml Pump Bottle - Ready to Use

A alcohol-free, ready-to-use foam disinfectant for the disinfection, cleaning, and care of non-invasive medical devices with sensitive surfaces such as gurneys and dental chairs. It is compatible with over 210 materials that like  natural and artificial leather, Plexiglas, and soft PVC. This allows for effective and yet gentle disinfection

This foam is effective against 101 microorganisms and is active even against  resistant viruses such as poliovirus and adenovirus in a short amount of time (60-seconds), this allows the disinfectant to remain  effective even in the presence of heavy organic contamination such as blood or other bodily fluids. The solution itself is biodegradable and has no negative effect on the ecosystem.

Product Information

  • 2 Litres
  • Acts in 60-seconds
  • Kills 101 microorganisms
  • Tested according to 16 European norms
  • Available in 200ml or 2L



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